Day: November 20, 2021

Airwheel S3, A Must Have to Lead A Green Life

Abstract: Stylish in design and excellent in quality, the Airwheel S3 is also quite an affordable model of electric scooter compared to many of its competitors. it’
This kind of two-wheel electric scooter emerged in recent couple of years and went popular immediately among young people. The most commonly seen model in the market is the Airwheel S3 produced by the Airwheel Technology. The S3, judging from outside look, is made of a control shaft, a handlebar, a platform and two wheels. It weighs only 22.4kg and is capable of carrying an adult as heavy as 120kg. Portable as it is, the S3 can run at a maximum 18kmph.

WTA BMW Malaysia Open @ RSGC Kuala Lumpur

Airwheel Will be at the WTA  
Malaysia Open 2015 @ Royal Selangor Golf Club here will be a sales booth if you want to test ride or even own any Airwheel models. Free ride and free training at the greenery golf field. Come join us at the event. See you there at 2-8 March 2015 Airwheel Marketing Malaysia Get your Airwheel now!

Airwheel announced its new products of intelligent self-balancing scooters in September.

Abstract: On 29 September, Airwheel made another announcement of new products. This was the second new product conference of Airwheel in this year of 2015. In this festival product conference, Airwheel released four models of intelligent self-balancing scooters.

Being the first model released in the product conference of Airwheel, the intelligent self-balancing scooter S6 came as a new member of S-series. S6 is completely different from S3 and S5. S6 does not adopt the control shaft, whereas it is equipped with a saddle. Of course, it follows the two-structure of S-series. It looks like a combination of S-series and A-series. Its low chassis lowers the gravity of the whole scooter and thereby it gains a better ability to maintain balance when it travels.

A new member was added to Airwheel S-series intelligent S6 self-balancing scooter.

Abstract: The newly added member of S-series S6 owns characteristic features compared with other models of S-series. This time, S6 is equipped with no shaft. But another considerate design is added to the intelligent self-balancing scooter S6. A saddle was added to S6. Unlike S3 and S5, S6 boasts its saddle.

The newly added member of S-series S6 owns characteristic features compared with other models of S-series. The intelligent self-balancing scooter S3, S3T and S5 are equipped with the shaft. The user could hold the handlebars on the shaft to keep balance. It brings about the ease of use. This time, S6 is equipped with no shaft. But another considerate design is added to the intelligent self-balancing scooter S6. A saddle was added to S6. Unlike S3 and S5, S6 boasts its saddle.

A Panorama of Airwheel Q5

Airwheel intelligent scooter, as the savior to urban traffic, begins to prevail in metropolitans worldwide. With its premium look and superior performance, Airwheel Q5 debuts as a new generation of personal transporter, ready to improve urban traffic in an revolutionary way.

s exterior design is in consistence with the typical Airwheel style: concise yet not simple. Highlighted by smooth curve, premium casing and colorful cushion pads, Q5 emphasizes on better user experience and differs in the round-shaped and extended pedal design, which protects users from scrapes and bruises.

Express delivery with an electric unicycle, you seen it?

Whistl postal company is well-known in the UK, reported that the reason for making the trial to give 100 employees Q3 Airwheel unicycle, is to improve the efficiency of the staff, "
799, which will be Whistl this is one of the reasons the company selected. Whistl official said, the trial after the company would consider giving all employees a wheelbarrow as a working person dedicated delivery vehicles, such large-scale buying, the company is bound to consider spending problem. And after similar products on the market and have done comparison,Airwheel absolute value for money, not any worse than the market, a wheelbarrow, feeling to spend the premium price to buy. Employees are also back after use are good, everyone says, is proud to be selected by trial Airwheel wheelbarrow, now go to work every day feeling really great, the case never appeared anxious waiting for the bus, customers see riding wheelbarrow delivery courier delivery staff will talk for a while, we all feel very cool.

Airwheel Electric Unicycle and Self-balancing Scooter to be Present at Hungarian Exhibitions in Next Two Months

With Airwheel’
As the latest model of Airwheel, the intelligent self-balancing scooter S3 is to star in these exhibitions. The intelligent self-balancing scooter S3 is a brand new model, a great deal different from the previous models. In respect of exterior design, it is equipped with a 4in magnified LED display and its streamlined ergonomic design contributes to its sleek look. When it comes to core technology, an intelligent self-balancing system is introduced to this model, further ensuring its safety and solid performance. This model is worth a try since any beginner will be surely quick to get a hang of it. As for classic models, Airwheel X-series, i.e. X3 and X8, are also going to make an appearance at these exhibitions hand-in-hand with twin-wheeled Q-series. Fans will experience complete product lines of Airwheel.

Airwheel Intelligent self balancing electric scooter Attended Expoactiva Nacional

On 18th March, Expoactiva Nacional was held in Montevideo, Uruguay. In this exhibition, Airwheel, as a new exhibitor, displayed its intelligent self balancing electric scooter S3.

Airwheel intelligent twin-wheel scooter has been acting as a personal vehicle prevailing worldwide. Its popularity comes from various advantages. For example, it is powered by a Japan-made lithium battery core, which generates zero emissions. Its superior performance is also one of the advantages. Weighing only 20kg, it can carry a maximum load of 120kg to travel dozens of miles. It suffices to be defined as an excellent transporter.