Airwheel electric scooter X8 is as eco-friendly as stylish.


Abstract: Airwheel electric scooter X8 is the best choice for short-distance trip. It is as stylish as convenient to carry it onto buses, metros and into shopping mall. It is a breeze to steer it for excursion, shopping, exercise and like.


The traffic jam is quite common these days. It is more annoying than boring. Especially in a hurry, you will be furious about ceaseless traffic jam. What someone wants exactly is Airwheel X8, with the help of which you will free from traffic jam and no more be late.

Airwheel electric scooter X8 is as eco-friendly as stylish.

The quite refined protective measures make sure an extra safety in X8. It integrates the system of speed limits with the protection of low battery power. Once one steer X8 at over 12 km/h, the two pedals flanking the X8 will rise bit by bit so as to slow down in case of traffic accident. When the power stands less than 15%, four LED displays will continuously flash with hoot. In such case, the two pedals will do the same. X8 is successful in balancing speed and safety. Hence, it is a reliable electric unicycle.


Additionally, Airwheel X8 is characterized by its portability. Its weight reach merely 11 kg, thereby it is convenient to carry without taking up room. Airwheel X8 has a range of up to 23 km on a full charge with a top of 18 km/h. It perfectly goes for office commuters and exercise-lovers. Persistent riding X8 help boost up the ability of keeping balance and reaction.


Airwheel go to great lengths to work on R & D. Through consistent efforts in innovation, it has rolled out high-performance and original electric unicycles of one kind or another. A couple of years has witnessed the leadership of Airwheel in the sector of electric unicycles.


The exterior design of Airwheel X8 confers a trendy elegance on X8. The intricate patterns and motifs are, it seems, a great deal complementary to the perpetual beauty of X8. Therefore, Airwheel electric unicycle is perceived as an optimal transport.