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Check the following doubts you may have about the AirwheelSE3miniT mini power scooter

Airwheel SE3miniT riding luggage shell is made of ABS + PC composite material, scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, good toughness, higher durability. The frame is specially designed with an exclusive patented 6-series high-grade aluminum alloy, using one-piece molding technology to create a load of up to 110kg, the case can always be stable and not deformed when riding. You can store all kinds of items in the luggage without worrying about them being crushed and damaged because of riding.

Explore the world with greater confidence inAirwheelH3TS+lightweight and foldable power chair

Seniors can easily eliminate the physical strain and hassle of normal wheelchairs, and upgrade to a better form of mobility. It’s important to note that not all electric wheelchairs are created equally. With many factors to consider such as cost and a large selection of products to choose from, switching to a power wheelchair can feel like a daunting task. Let Airwheel help solve this problem. Airwheel H3TS+ has all of the features you may need, and the company is proud to improve the quality of life for seniors with affordable options.

Airwheel SE3miniT, anElectric Suitcase That You Can Ride

Abstract: How to choose a good use of the boarding suitcase?
Its patented intelligent riding handle, only the left and right sides of the handle needs to be manipulated, the right side to control the acceleration, the left side to control the brake. Airwheel SE3miniT mini electric scooter adopts a modular battery design and can be directly disassembled without tools when passing through security checks. The volume of the case body strictly follows the standard specification of 20-inch boarding case, which can be carried directly on the plane and put into the luggage compartment without checking in.

The introduction of AirwheelSE3S Black pink silvermini riding scootercan fully enhancetravelexperience(Chapter 1)

It is equipped with a strong motor wheel, driven by electrical energy, as long as the manipulation of the smart handle, it is able to move quickly at a speed of 13km/h, which is faster compared to the average 6km/h walking speed, and more easily and effortlessly. Therefore, airports and stations are no longer big, as long as you ride on the Airwheel SE3S smart ride box, you can easily take your place and stay away from the running experience.

The introduction of AirwheelSE3Smini riding scootercan fully enhancetravelexperience(Chapter 2)

Just to achieve the “riding” function is not enough, as the king of the volume, Airwheel SE3S intelligent cycling case can also be transformed into a mobile charging station that makes people exclaim. It is designed with high performance USB charging port on the outside of the case, just connect the data cable, you can directly charge your cell phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset and other commonly used portable electronic devices to ensure that the journey does not have to find a suitable charging method and headache.

Choose the right Airwheel SQ3 smartsuitcaseto give you a different kind of parent-child trip(Chapter 1)

Due to the difference in size and physical ability of children, it is almost impossible for them to complete the entire parent-child trip on their own. To help parents solve this problem, the Airwheel SQ3 carry-on suitcase has a special ‘ride’ function. It is equipped with a powerful motor wheel, so that children can ride on it and save energy with electric power. With a riding speed of 5km/h, which is the same speed as an adult walking, it helps children to easily keep up with their parents while allowing them to be supervised at all times without worrying about the danger of going too fast.