Airwheel Q5 Review: A Different Experience with Electric Unicycle


The Airwheel Q5 is a twin-wheeled gyro-stabalized unicycle by Airwheel Technology. Apart the multiple functions inherited from Q-series, Airwheel Q5 has an upgraded chip and improved chassis. The Airwheel Q5 is kind of like a motorcycle version of a Segway, but smaller, lighter, easier to transport and a lot more fun to ride. The controls are simple: Lean forward to go forward, and backward to slow down or stop. There are no hand controls, leaving hands free.

Airwheel Q5 Review: A Different Experience with Electric Unicycle

An estimated twelve mile range is capable for this electric unicycle. The charging time is a bit over an hour, though the actual range in practice will depend on the terrain, rider weight, and probably riding style. The trip to my nearest post office has a big hill that’s pretty respectably steep and over half a mile long. The Airwheel hauls my 180 pound body up that hill at full speed with ease. I’m not sure what the actual elevation gain is, but I do know that takes an impressive amount of energy.

Remember that the Airwheel Q5 actively balances forward and back. If you do hit an uneven spot in the pavement, you just step off and take a few steps to recover. You’re not going that fast, and your feet are only a few inches off the ground, so you just have to step off the foot platforms. Though I have lost my balance and had to step off hundreds of times, I have never wrecked or fallen down. The Airwheel Q5 is very well built and durable. So in conclusion, this electric unicycle is a wonderful little transportation device. It’s innovative and very fun to ride.

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One thing you need to pay attention is to pad your ankles. Once you learn to ride the electric unicycle, you won’t need any padding and you will feel completely comfortable just hopping on and taking off, but while you’re learning your ankles will get bruised easily if you don’t wear thick padding. A good start would be a double layer of thick hiking socks, but that won’t be enough by itself. You can even just wrap some towels or T-shirts around your ankles and hold them in place with straps under your pants. You’ll have a much more pleasant experience that way.

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