Airwheel S8 Mini Electric Scooter, New Way for Weekend Leisure!


Abstract: In the past, technology may have gotten a bad rap for turning us into couch potatoes. Now, however, it's becoming a main driver in getting us become more active. Airwheel S8 is a great way of exercise to kill time at the weekend.

After a week's busy work, it's so happy to have a weekend, which means relaxing yourself at ease and doing anything you desire. Watch movie or play games is a choice. But staring at digital screens for long period of time can be attributing to you experiencing headaches. So forget about the screen, let's have some fresh air with Airwheel S8 electric walkcar.


2-wheeled electric scooter


Airwheel S8 can be a good helper in your riding. Without wasting time for a bus or parking lot, you can carry Airwheel S8 with you to the supermarket due to its light weight 14.8kg. When coming up against a flight of stairs or an elevator, you can lift effortlessly.


self balancing electric scooter


Second option is to go for a short travel with Airwheel S8 mini electric scooter. Always busy with commuting from home to office, you can have a little break at weekend. Search for a local park online and then go there with S8. Don't worry about the distance and road conditions. Imported Li-ion batteries and dual motors will provide strong power to ensure your steady and continuous riding. S8 also allows you ride on any road with its 10 inch tubeless and shock-absorbing pedals. Plus, it is equipped with a leather saddle, which enables you to sit down when getting tired of standing.


urban e scooter


Third is to go to date with Airwheel S8 sit or stand self-balancing scooter. The elegant Cassinian curve design of S8 will be a plus of your charming appearance. Elegant sitting or standing posture with skillful riding will be a splash of color in your friends' eyes. Of course, you can ride Airwheel S8 to do lots of things. Any option will be a healthy way to kill time at weekend.