Airwheel self balancing unicycle: there is always a right for you


Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle became internationally famous brand, is not a casual thing. Its design emphasizes the beauty of harmony between man and nature, in the pursuit of innovative research and development, raw materials and accessories that emphasizes high quality and, therefore, have this look amazing, outstanding performance of balance of power Airwheel electric unicycle. Good natural products popular!

With strong technical research and development strength, love, balance of power Airwheel electric unicycles in just one year, nonstop x series, Q-Series and s-series of a total of three series of products, species-rich and diverse styles. For consumers, available from within the greater choice of products.

X series balance of power Airwheel electric unicycle, is power Airwheel the first series was introduced in April 2013. X-series electric balance feature is only one whe of the scooter, making turning movements are very flexible, and relatively light weight, X3 only 9.8KG,X5 only 9.6 kilograms, adults can pick up with one hand. Up to now, Granville Airwheel x series electric balance total of X3 unicycles, X3-orange (Orange Edition), X5, X5-music (Music Edition), X6, X6-music (Music Edition), seven in the X8 product. Among them, the X3 value is high, suitable for beginners; X5 and X6 have music available for selection; X8 ultra large 16 inch wheels, proclaim it has better, more suitable for riding experience-oriented consumers.
Granville is Airwheel the introduction of the second series.

Airwheel, electric one wheel, scooer

Q Series electric balancing the scooter's special features is a two-whe design, more balanced body, greatly reduced learning curve, people with good body balance five minutes to ride, but the body slightly heavier than the x series. Now Q series are available in Q1, Q3, Q5, Q6, four products, in addition to outside the Q1 is a 12-inch wheels, and the remaining three were 14-inch wheels. Four products shape distinctive colors, lively beat.

S-series power Airwheel self-balance electric scooter launched in September 2014, is a two-wheeled balancing vehicle. If you want to easily learn to row, and then selected s series is correct. In addition, five thousand or six thousand Yuan price of similar products from high-end play down on the altar, caused a stir in the industry. S-series currently S3, S3T two optional, a technology blue-a vibrant Orange, former quiet the latter movement, consumers can choose according to their own preferences.