Airwheel: There Are Two Kinds of Living Styles, Which One is Yours?


Abstract: In modern city life, there are two kinds of living styles. In the following parts, Airwheel expounds on the two kinds of living styles and which one is yours?

When city residents enjoy the convenience of city life, they also suffer from the city diseases, like the traffic congestion, coach potato and so on. In modern city life, there are two kinds of living styles.

There are a group of smart citizens choosing more convenient transport vehicles like Airwheel foldable electric scooters featured by portability and environment protection, which can be ridden on the sidewalks. The traffic jam leaves no trouble to them.




With the popularity of smart phones that are full of wonderful Apps and the increasing number of TV channels and entertainment devices, people are to be “trapped” in their home in weekends and holidays. While, it turns out that these people just hold a dozen of digital devices and do not know what to do. But there are many people choosing outdoor leisure activities like riding Airwheel electric scooter or smart e bike in the park or squares for fun and rest. They breathe fresh outdoor air and enjoy the outdoor beauties. Yes, it is also a perfect vehicle for you to strengthen the relationship between you and your girlfriend or boyfriend.


smart electric folding bike


Shopping has been the most popular activity for people, especially girls with various fancy clothes, shoes and bags in the shopping mall attracting them. Once, people walk through the huge shopping buildings. When they enjoy the happiness of shopping, they are annoyed duo to the fatigue. Then, there are still a group of people who select more suitable vehicles for their shopping time—Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle again. With Airwheel electric walkcar, they can go directly into the shopping mall, without disturbing others. In addition to the electric one wheel, the Airwheel S6 and S8 saddle-equipped electric scooters are also appealing with dual ride mode, which will serve as a resting place when you are tired.


self-balancing scooter


There are two kinds of living styles, which one is yours?