Easy Maintenance Methods of Airwheel Electric Scooters


Abstract: Airwheel, as the industry leading enterprises, by virtue of the advantages of excellent quality and stable performance, has been welcomed by customers at home and abroad. A good driving experience is inseparable from the users' maintenance and nurturing. Airwheel brings the scooter enthusiasts some maintenance methods, for the reference.

Since the mini electric scooter enters the transportation market, the green, environmentally friendly, and convenient transportation is welcomed by every group of people. Today, Airwheel electric walkcar brings all the scooter lovers some maintenance skills to help them ride smoothly on the streets. The use of the Twin-wheeled Scooter cannot be separated from the role of the wheel, so the daily maintenance and inspections should be aimed at the wheel.




The power has to be cut off, and not direct water can be used. We should use wet towel to rub the scooter, which ensures the machine will not be flooded. Never clean the scooter when it is connected to power, otherwise the self-balancing scooter will be damaged and it will threaten the safety of the user's life.

After a period of time of using, it is recommended to have an after-sales maintenance in the maintenance center of Airwheel, to do a comprehensive inspection. If some parts is aging, damaged, Airwheel proposers to replace the new parts to maintain the security and stability of the balance of the car.


Airwheel battery


The battery maintenance is of the same importance. Please do not put the battery in the ambient temperature above 60 degrees. Even if not using for a long time, please ensure to charge the scooter every two to three months to keep the saturation of the battery. Before the first use, please charge the battery.


saddle-equipped scooter


When charging, please keep the charging environment clean and dry. Do not charge when charging port is wet.

Longer service life is inseparable from the users' maintenance and nurturing, so take care of your Airwheel intelligent electric scooter egularly.