Meeting Airwheel S6 electric walkcar Equipped with a Saddle at 2016 CES

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Abstract: Meet your perfect travel tool or transporter at CES 2016—S6 two-wheeled electric scooter created by Airwheel. If rolling an S6 roams CES, it could be cool and convenient. On 6th January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Airwheel will locate at booth No. 48001 & 48003 of Hilton Hall.

To some extent, S6 is a robot bringing you to everywhere you want. Airwheel welcome all of you to test its new products. A new way of mobility has been created.




S6 doesn't need kicking to get itself moving. It's got an electric motor that allows it to silently glide forward at speed of up to 17 kilometers per hour. This scooter has weight sensors at either end that relay your weight distribution to the electric motor on the rear. Since it's powered by green energy resource, lithium battery, it doesn't require too much physical strength.

The whole flame of this  scooter adopts magnesium alloy material which is light and solid. It gives priority to utility with features of high-tech and environmental protection. It is not only meant for the young, but also for the old though S6 is a high-tech electronic product.




In general, S6 is with easy-to-use operation system, even for the old. First adjust the suitable height for the seat before you ride it. After the power is on, two feet step on the platform. If you want to go forward, just make body lean forward; if you want to go backward, just move body lean backward.

It sounds pretty easy to ride it. One point is worth mentioning that is the adjustable seat. If you feel tired because of sitting a long time to ride the saddle-equipped electric scooter, you can stand to ride it after lowering the height of seat. The adjustable seat provides all riders with two options of riding postures, which is good for stretching the body.

On 6th January you will meet Airwheel S6, a multifunctional scooter waiting for your test.