Police Officers Love Airwheel S3


Guess why the Airwheel S3 replaces many expensive cars and becomes a new personal transporter for many people? Reasons may vary. It might be that many competitors of the Airwheel S3 are bulky and have extra-large wheel hub, or that these products are overpriced to be affordable to customers. However, the Airwheel S3 weighs only half of most counterparts and it is detachable. The most noted feature of the Airwheel S3 is probably its affordable price.

Police Officers Love Airwheel S3

There’s a legend in self-balancing scooter industry that police officers only ride the Segway when patrolling. It seems that Segway is the leader in the business that whenever people see someone riding a self-balancing scooter at airport or high-grade communities, they’d deem it a Segway.

This photo below shows that the police officers become the focus while standing on a self-balanced vehicle.

Airwheel S3

These are police officers of the Netherlands. Some of them are riding bikes and some others are conversing on the Airwheel S3 – a device which is definitely an attention getter. Though I can’t see the front of the policeman, I have to say that the blue uniform goes well with the color of the S3.

The Airwheel S3 is favored by customers in many exhibits and is a very popular model with an array of features including two wheels, a control shaft, a 4-inch LED panel which shows the battery percentage and temperature. The every part of the Airwheel S3 is designed with ultimate pursuit. The S3 complies with ergonomics so that users can have a comfortable riding experience. In addition, the device is equipped with advanced precaution system to guarantee the safety of riders.

Last but not least, I’d like to give a thumb up to the pannier hang on the shaft. It’s really a smart design that riders can put some small goods conveniently in the bag. The Airwheel S3 is a must have gadget that is both helpful and environmental friendly.

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