You still lack one necessities


The car has become an indispensable modern traffic tools in life. A car, is a flow of a small house; and the trunk of the car, is the small house small storage room.

In general, we put clothes, umbrellas, convenience food, torch, glass of water, tool and so on in the storage room, to prepare for possible period of want or need. If you are photography enthusiasts, like the beautiful scenery frame into the photo, so, in your trunk, there may be tripods or bulky items. If you are a travel enthusiasts, so your trunk will not lack the medicine chest, backpacks, tents, toiletries and other necessary supplies.

As the car trunk of a private treasure box, you need to do is add for your goods. However, with the tremendous threat facing the increasing depletion of oil resources and the environment, the car is to the development of new energy vehicles. In the new energy vehicle failed to completely cover the car demand before, a pure electric small personal transport, the Mars rover, is developing with the vigorous. More and more car owners, choose a Mars rover in the trunk, the fast travel together with green environmental protection.

For many people, the rover may still relatively novel products, today take Airwheel Q5 as an example to meet. Airwheel as the industry well-known brand, high quality, high performance price ratio, has a good reputation in the market both at home and abroad. Airwheel Q5 is the intelligent technology in September 22, 2014 the introduction of the new Q series of products, weighing about 10 kg, about 50 cm in diameter, on both sides of the pedals can be folded, can be easily put into the trunk of a car.

Why put a rover in the trunk? First, because the Airwheel Mars rover is charging vehicles, electric core which is imported SONY lithium-ion batteries, the quality is reliable, safe and nontoxic; automobile exhaust emissions, the rover green environmental protection. Secondly, lack of the rover can add a good car: a car cannot go to a place, such as the narrow road, leisure square, office space, scenic spots and so on, these cars can only stop faraway place, the rover can come and go freely. The rover can be with the master hand in hand, and don't need parking spaces, around which corner by a must.

Open the trunk in the face of limited number of days, riding on the Airwheel Mars rover, travel as simple and efficient. Go play, the car must stay in the parking lot, the destination but there are three kilometers far away, what should you do? The answer is opened the trunk and took out the Mars rover, you will easily reach in five minutes. The car and the Mars rover, a good partner!